One day in 2000, Dr. Jim Garrow, executive director of the Bethune Institute’s popular schools in China, found his assistant weeping. The woman told him how her sister’s husband was insisting that the couple’s newborn daughter be smothered – to make way for a son under China’s one-child policy.

Garrow promised the help and was able to place the infant in an adoption agency.

It didn’t take long for his success to become known, and his help to be sought; since then he’s spent millions of dollars of his own money to divert the trail of death that China creates with its limits on children.

To date, The Pink Pagoda, the organization that grew out of this, is credited with saving the lives of 40,000 Chinese girls.

Pink Pagoda Girls is a project of The Pink Pagoda to girls and young women in the West to raise awareness here of the plight of baby girls in China. The focus will be girls helping girls, one for one; our goal is to raise one billion dollars to rescue one million girls over the next ten years.

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